"I can't do it."

I knew it would happen someday...  But it's happening now.  Jordan is telling me "I can't do it." She often says it with a task she can do but takes extra effort.  Most of the time it is putting on underwear or shorts.

I can't do it."

But you can.  I've seen you do it.  I know it takes extra effort but I KNOW you can do it.

So now I have to be stubborn.  I'll let her yell or scream "I CAN'T DO IT!" But I require that she at least tries.  Often when I get her to finally try, she CAN do it.  Other times she's frustrated and I help.  But at least she tried.

This morning I had to leave her on the floor crying for 15 minutes until I got her into the "try" mode.  The "can't" mode is very hard to move away from.  But I can't allow "can't" to take over her life.  If there's anything I'm committed to, it's making sure my girl can do ANYTHING.

Can#t does not belong in her world.