A big leap

Check out Miss Jordan taking the big diving board leap!
I am proud of her.

It's fascinating what a pool does for a child.  There are wonderful experiences...  and some awkward ones.  Just yesterday Jordan had a chance to go down the big slide at our pool a few times.  I usually stand there and watch since there's a lifeguard to catch her.  While looking up as Jordan was waiting to go down, the girl behind her in line obviously started asking Jordan about her little arm.  But what made me really angry was when the girl GRABBED Jordan's arm.  Jordan didn't look angry about it, but I was enraged.  Maybe I needed to go home after too many hours at the pool.  I noticed Jordan gave her a "I was born like this" type of comment, but the girl kept prodding her with questions as Jordan headed down the slide.  I watched the girl continue to yell questions at Jordan (I couldn't hear, it's a tall slide.) But then I saw the life guard put her finger on her lips to shush the girl...  like Jordan's little arm is a secret or something.

I was just stressed that I wasn't able to be involved.

The moment the girl got to the bottom of the slide, she immediately started asking me questions.  I immediately asked her not to grab Jordan.  She totally ignored me and walked away.

I asked Jordan if the girl had asked permission to touch her little arm.  Jordan said she did...  but I just don't believe her.  I was flustered and Jordan just didn't seem to care.  I don't want to get her all worked up.  But I also want her to respect her personal space.  We talked about that many times before, but watching her not put it into action was a bit disheartening.  We clearly need some more talking.