A bunch of little things

We met with Jordan's physical therapist today.  We haven't met with her in months and there have been a bunch of tiny things that have concerned us...  Tiny things according to school include how Jordan falls down a little more than others sometimes. 

Tiny things like how I've noticed Jordan sometimes slouches.  Her occupational therapist is concerned about a few balance issues.  Tiny things that just seem to add up to a bit of concern.

So we met with our PT.  She's awesome.  Jordan loves her.  Cameron loves her.  Hell, I love her.  She's just very knowledgeable and has never led us down the wrong path...  And she's been with us for so long and has spent a lot of personal time getting to know our family.  In today's visit, she got to enjoy how the kids have grown a TON lately.  She also got to enjoy Jordan's increasing precociousness.  She checked Jordan's ankle structure - they're still turning inward a bit so we'll keep working with the shoe orthotics.  She watched how Jordan walks, climbs stairs and hops (which she can't do yet).  She checked out Jordan's hip strength — she's still so loose.  We don't know why.  Her leg length was measured with a possible quarter to half an inch difference...  It's not that unusual for kids to have a bit of a difference but a quarter to a half an inch is a little more than usual.  It isn't anything to be concerned yet.  We also watched how Jordan stands and sits — and there's a little something that looks a little strange.  She sits with a curve in her hips...  She doesn't sit straight up.  It's strange and there doesn't seem to be a reason why.  There also seems to be a slight lean to the way she stands.  These are all things I wouldn't notice without the expert eye spending time with us.  But all those tiny things led her to recommend that we have Jordan's hips and spine x-rayed just in case.  Her reasoning (and I totally agree) is: We don't really know why Jordan's arm was made the way it was made.  It's possible there's something else in her body that caused it and it could lead to other challenges.  You just don't know.  So I'm waiting to set up a meeting with our pediatric orthopedic doctor.  I'm hoping there aren't any extra concerns...  but I'd also like the peace of mind knowing that we're keeping an eye on any possible challenges for Miss Jordan.