A dancing challenge

Jordan loves to dance - and this year she's taking a dance class that has a couple of performances in the year.  It's certainly a bit more intense from the sweet and calm version she took last year.  So her dance teacher and I (who also happens to be a co-worker/friend) are trying to decide if Jordan would be more or less successful with her helper arm.  Right now Jordan twists her head over to the side to try to put her arms together above her head.  When her teacher asks the kids to hold that pose and put their foot up onto the side of their other leg, Jordan is totally off balance.  So we talked to Jordan about wearing her helper arm to class.  It might help with better body positioning and balance.  So we're going to bring out bouncy hand and see if it helps next week.  Maybe we can help her see how to balance with her helper arm...  and possibly help her learn how to use those moves with her arm so she can eventually dance without it.  Who knows.

By the way.  Tonight I took Jordan to the grocery store and she really wanted a snack.  So I convinced her to hold the bag of crackers with her open and close hand (it looks like a hook and it's attached to a shoulder strap that she uses to open and close the hook) while she ate the food.  She did a great job.  She rarely wears her open and close hand through her entire day at school...  So I end up rarely getting to encourage her working with it.  I was excited to see her use it well!