A natural

Miss Jordan is a natural with horses.  It's so cool to watch.  She had equestrian therapy this afternoon and I got to watch everyone oooh and ahh about her ability to sit very upright even when she's trotting with the horse.  By the way, Jordan's horse's name is Thunder. 

She did so well today that her teacher let her feed Thunder a carrot.  If it was so freaking cold outside I think Jordan would have been even more excited.  Either way, she was thrilled.  It's a wonderful experience to watch such happiness from all of the kids taking part in the therapy.

We're lucky to be able to take part in a county program that is paying for this class.  Jordan's fortunate to be able to get support here and there.  This is a very cool opportunity.

Speaking of cool...  It looks like there's a meet up in the works this summer for limb different families in Missouri (and other states if the families are interested in the travel) to spend time together.  I'm super excited.  Our family is also looking forward to meeting up with a Sammy's Friends family in a couple of weekends while I am in St.  Louis to speak at a conference.  Spending time with other families is one of the greatest feelings...  To see our kids live a happy and regular life just like anyone else.  And I'm so proud to see how Jordan is growing and learning everything she needs to know.  I know when I met a older limb different kids when Jordan was a baby - it was so wonderful to see how these kids are awesome and able.  It helped me parent Jordan with a confidence in knowing that she really can and will do it all.

The fun part? Jordan's made sure we know that.  That strong willed kid figures it all out.

Want an example? Tonight she put four different pajamas on to delay bed time.  She took shirts on and off with no problem.  It makes me pretty darn proud (and tired).