A new look!

Jordan's had her hair cut one time...  Until today.  I wanted to help her hair take shape before we head out for a big mega-vacation. 

So I looked into places I could take her and the price wasn't any different between a nice grown-up hair place or the new local girly-girl salon.

I went with the girly-girl salon.  She loved it.  (Cameron was not that interested in being there...  When we got to the door, he stopped and pronounced: "I am NOT going in there.") Jordan got her hair washed with chocolate shampoo and raspberry conditioner and seemed to enjoy the experience.  She listened really well while her stylist did her hair (the barber chair was a pink Barbie Corvette).  She even had her hair blow dried.  SO funny.

I have to say, I kind of miss the little ragamuffin girl I had.  She looks so clean cut and pretty with the new hair.  I'm hoping her bangs will continue to grow and catch up with the rest of her hair.  She's never had them trimmed and yet they're SO short!

Tomorrow is Jordan's last dance class of the summer.  I talked to her dance teacher who says she can tell our girl loves to dance and encouraged us to keep it up in the fall.  She also did a really wonderful thing: she asked how to help deal with the kids who stare at Jordan.  She thought it might be too personal to ask, but I really appreciate it.  I gave her tips on using Nemo's little fin as a guide to kids to help explain that Jordan can do anything! I'm so happy ABC ran Finding Nemo recently so more kids had a chance to watch it.  I love that movie and of course I love it even more since Jordan arrived.  I offered to talk to the kids in the class, but my feeling is I don't want to call it out.  I'd rather kids learn about Jordan more organically, but if there's enough of a disruption already, I'd be happy to chat with them all.  I also encouraged the teacher to see if Jordan would like to talk about her arm.  I'm not sure if she's ready...  Since I realized I haven't given her a chance yet.  It's time to start letting go.  I want to protect her and it's scary to know that she had to be able to hold her own.  I realize she's only close to two and a half, but the sooner she learned, the stronger she'll be!