Abilities beyond expectation

Once again, Jordan proved me wrong.  I thought she needed her helper arm every time she needed to cut paper.  But I arrived at school Tuesday afternoon to find her cutting paper circles just with the help of her little arm and scissors in her hand.  She was slow and methodical and she was cutting fabulous circles.

She's working above and beyond expectations.

That's what Kevin Laue does every time he plays basketball.  I first read about him in 2008.  The New York Times wrote a fantastic article about his skills on the basketball court and how he helped a recent amputee gain confidence in herself.  I was touched.  So this past weekend, he turned up in a video clip on ESPN.  He plays in Division 1 college basketball for Manhattan College.  We saved the video and showed it to Jordan the next day.  She wasn't impressed.  I'm pretty sure it's because we've introduced her to so many other people with little arms, she's not surprised to see other people do cool things with little arms.  Her expectations for a person with limb differences are MUCH higher than our culture assumes.