American Girl Didn't Say No

Getting the world to think little differently about limb differences is often challenging.  Reading the comments on the page renews my faith in the world.  Reading comments on CBS News' Facebook page is disappointing and more reason why I think our petition to American Girl is so important: Kids who grow up aware that physical differences exist will grow into adults who understand every person is worth celebrating.  Adults who currently comment rudely on a CBS News story about a 10-year-old hoping to change the way mainstream dolls are sold did not grow up with that type of awareness.
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To me, it's a big reason to push forward.  I can't tell you how many parents reached out to me expressing how excited they are that American Girl did not say "no" to building limb different doll options.  That's what we've heard for years.  Now, it's a concept the company's design team can take under consideration.  And if we keep getting louder about this, the more they'll understand the importance.

With that in mind, Jordan had a chance to speak to two more newsrooms, KSHB-TV in Kansas City and KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO.  We had to do the interview for Kansas City by phone, but I think the story was done really well.  Check it out:

Your Heading Here

The local newsroom dropped by while Jordan attended a CrossFit class last night.  I think Jordan is doing such a good job verbalizing how she feels about limb differences and dolls.  The only coaching I've given her is to feel comfortable talking like she's just talking to a friend.