Badgering on the playground

Jordan has a troublemaker who won't back off.  The good news? Her school is trying to work with this little boy to let it go...  Yes, Jordan has one hand.  Yes, Jordan has a little arm.  No, it is not gross.

He likes to yell at Jordan.  He tells her he doesn't like her arm.  She thinks it's annoying.

On the whole, kids are awesome at her school.  Kids who aren't awesome are soundly ignored by Jordan.  She has an incredible ability to tune out annoying kids and questions.  Often when a kid rudely asks her what's "wrong" with her, she keeps moving and doesn't give the child an answer.  Our school's principal has watched her breeze past a rude kid.  It just doesn't phase her at this point in her life.  She doesn't feel like she has to answer every question.  You know what, she doesn't have to.  It's totally up to her and it seems like she's really fine with choosing when she talks and doesn't talk about her difference.  She remains confident and very social at school.

But there's this annoyance and the little boy is annoying enough for her to mention it to me.  Funny thing about Jordan is she wasn't even complaining.

So we have hatched up a plan that made Jordan roll in laughter...  and hopefully it won't cause any trouble.  If the little boy comes up to her and starts yelling, Jordan is going to start telling him how she can't hear him.

"What? I can't hear you? Are you talking to me?"

She thinks this is very, very funny.