Be Fierce and Make a Difference

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I always planned to be a fierce parent: Fight for my kids and give them what they need.  But I never expected to follow the path I've taken.
I wanted to be a fierce parent so my kids could grow up strong and confident and ignore the cultural expectations of what is considered "perfect." Instead, I want them to be good people and help others...  Be strong and able to grow into awesome adults.

My vision of a fierce parent changed a bit in the last decade or so.

When Jordan was born with one hand I had already planned to raise her as a proud and confident girl.  But when she was born with one hand...  I got extra fierce.  Not only would I help raise my daughter in the same confident way I had hoped, I was going to help her get the resources she would need to be just as able.  No matter what.

I really learned how to be fierce when I assumed the experts actually know what they're talking about.  We went into the world of prosthetics to help Jordan get stronger.  Her body was uneven and she wasn't strong enough to sit up on her own at 10 months of age.  But after a year or so, I didn't feel what we were doing was right.  And I spent time researching and interviewing people across the country.  I fought for knowledge I didn't realize I needed.  I found the resources and the people who are helping her succeed.

I am fierce.  I will always be fierce for the needs of my kids.

And that's why I've continue to work to grow the Born Just Right community.  We all deserve to be fierce for our kids, for ourselves, for our families, our communities.

Each one of us can let our fierce out.  I'm proud my kids helped me use mine for good.  I won't stop being fierce.  I'll never stop.

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