Camp No Limits Season Kicks Off

June 13 2014
We just wrapped up the softball season and now it's time for another summer of Camp No Limits! We're lucky to help kick off the string of summer camps here in Missouri.

originals post June 13 2014

I can't believe it starts today! Thanks to your donations, you've helped make this year the LARGEST group every for Camp No Limits Missouri.  We have 145 people attending! It blows my mind.

Jordan and I aren't bringing Cameron with us this year and that feels a bit strange.  But he's having an amazing adventure with his school at the Teton Science School in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  He's learning and exploring an incredible spot in our country.  So while he has his adventure, Jordan and I can't wait to meet SO many people at camp this weekend.

This year, I am not quite as organized as I have in years past.  I'm up late right now packing and writing this post.  I didn't get a chance to make smaller kid sized Born Just Right t-shirts for the young campers.  But I have a new camera and I can't wait to be the camp's photographer again this year.  The photos of the kids learning and growing together is just plain awesome.  Camp is also special because the siblings have time to be away from it all and talk about what it's like to be a sibling of a limb different brother or sister.  And the parents have time to themselves to talk with other grown-ups.  The online connections we make in the limb different world is a big deal.  But sometimes the face-to-face moments are important, too.

It blows my mind when I realize this is our SIXTH year attending Camp No Limits.  Jordan was three and a half back then.  She was a dynamic, hard-headed kid then.  She's the same but even more confident these days.  I know she's also looking forward to helping mentor some younger kids.  She's even bringing a special craft to do with willing participants! (That's a tease for the campers!)

We can't wait to share stories of camp here and on our Facebook page.  Hooray for camp!