Doll love and sadness

Jordan goes through times when she really loves dolls.  Of course our trip to American Girl refreshed her love.  She carried her doll around just about everywhere after our Saturday trip.  On Sunday she took the doll on a trip to my old hometown in the suburbs of Chicago.  We were just getting out of the car and she was in a really bright an cheery mood.  She was SO proud to have her pretty outfit that matched her pretty doll.  Then suddenly she says:

"Mom.  Why can't I have two hands just like my doll?"

And she got very sad.  She slouched and moped and got teary.  I went over to her and reminded her that I can't fix that.  She was born with one hand and she doesn't just have that one hand - we've now built two helper arms and FIVE, that's right, FIVE helper hands.  Her brother jumped out of the van to see her.  He was astonished to see how her mood changed so suddenly.  I explained to him why she was sad...  And he didn't really know what to do.

I asked Jordan if she needed a hug.  I've experienced this before...  and I have found I should just let her be sad.  It just sucks that it's her pretty doll who made her sad.  The hugs helped a ton.  She brightened up a bunch.  I'll just keep giving her a chance to be sad when she needs it.  No sugar coating, but no dwelling.  We'll recognize we're sad and feel it...  but no dwelling.