Everyone is different

Jordan's questions about her arm are coming from every direction these days — especially when you aren't expecting it.  Yesterday she was in the middle of an all out tantrum with her dad - She was saying no to everything he was asking her to do.  No, I won't wear this.  No, I won't wear that.  No, you can't make me do that.  No, I want this hand on my other arm too.

Hold up.  Wait a second.

What did you say?

Randy stopped the escalating upset and calmly talked to Jordan about how everyone is different.  He pointed out how he doesn't have hair on his head and he wishes he had hair like some of the other daddies.  But it's what makes him different.  He explained how her arm is what makes her different.  I'm not sure how the conversation ended, but they calmed down.  And today, Jordan spent a portion of the day singing a "everyone's different" song that she made up.  If she sings it again, I'll try hard to catch it on video.  It's basically a chant where she sings the words "everyone's different" to a catchy tune.  But hopefully that little tune means something to her and it brings her peace.

Last week she flat out demanded I get her another hand because she didn't like her little arm...  I asked her about that and she goes...  "Actually, I like my arm." And she moved on.

Ahhhh! No one writes a how-to guide about this stuff! I feel pretty alone in this even though I know there are other parents around who have gone through this...  But I am so afraid to mess up.  Jordan is so confident.  She is so strong.  I don't want to lose any of it.  None.  Of.  It.  I don't want to put a crack in her wall of strength because I'm afraid I won't be able to patch it up for her.

But so far, we're doing okay.  She's VERY strong willed.  So much so that my sanity is hanging on a thread.  But she's doing great and I know I shouldn't worry.  But I'm a mom.  That's what I do.