Finding Peace at Camp No Limits

We wrapped up our FIFTH year at Camp No Limits Missouri.  Five years of camps.  This year's group was bigger than ever and as usual, it was remarkable.  I feel the need to list some of the reasons why camp was amazing.

1) Thanks to you, the Born Just Right community, we were able to raise $4,000 for camp scholarships.  That's amazing.  And I'm ready to start fundraising for 2014.

2) Even when camp wasn't going as planned, our kids were having an amazing time.  The friendships that instantly happen between the limb different kids and the siblings are remarkable to watch.  The Camp No Limits kids connect so quickly.  There were kids I feel like I've known for a long time because I've been able to talk to their parents online.  But to actually see Jordan connect with them in real life was remarkable.  I'm not kidding.

3) Speaking of remarkable, Cameron grew up right in front of my eyes during camp.  I allowed him to stay in the boy cabin and away from our family cabin of many little girls.  He was a supportive sibling and really seemed to conduct himself as a dramatically more mature kid than in years past.  I'm incredibly proud.  It was like he's finally at peace with some of the battles he's had as a sibling of a limb different sister.  What a awesome place to find your peace.

4) There is something amazing when you realize people you've talked to for years online are really just as awesome as you expected in person.  There's another level of amazing when you connect with parents of limb different children who you have never met before.  And then there's the incredible feeling when you get to reunite with families you've know for years at camp.  I feel so blessed to be part of this experience for so many years.

Enjoy this little Story about camp and then enjoy the video slideshow I put together that helped end our big talent show night!