Getting back to swimming (Video)

I love trying to stay healthy and help my kids build healthy life skills...  I run as often as I can and I love taking a Body Combat class when it fits within the kids' schedules.  Jordan has shown interest in distance running with me...  And slowly she and I are learning ways to run together.  The trick for me is she runs the most if she's holding my hand. 

It is really hard to run long distances when a little child is holding my hand.  We'll work on that habit eventually.

My biggest hope for Jordan and keeping healthy is in swimming.  It's one activity that she can do where she can use both arms to her fullest.  She has learned some of the basics of pilates at Camp No Limits...  but I think swimming is an awesome activity.  And keeping a six-year-old focused on pilates isn't the easiest thing to do.

So we're getting back to swimming now that Jordan has her new arm paddle.  Even her swim instructor was impressed with its ability to dig into the water.  Jordan and her brother both aren't very good at keeping their face in the water as they swim...  but that's why we take lessons.  Both kids tell me they want to swim this summer on a swim team.  Our pool's manager encouraged them both to swim this year.  Amazingly, they continue to tell me that is a summer goal.  Once a week the kids will take lessons and I'm going to try very hard to find time each weekend to get them to the pool for fun.  Their teacher told me after this week's lesson, she's confident both kids are on track to be good swimmers.  The best way to accomplish good swimming is being in the pool! Check out her progress:

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