Growing every day

I took a picture of Jordan's hand...  She's SO big.  35 weeks ago, I took a similar picture and she was so tiny in comparison. 

So here's the big development this week: pulling.  Yesterday at school, her teachers watched her try to pull up on everything.  She actually stood next to an exersaucer and said hi to a friend for a few minutes.  A teacher spotted her, but she was up on her own.  Very cool.  She was pulling up on cribs, toys, chairs.  She's not quite getting up on her own yet, but I have to start baby proofing my house.

The other big news is how I'm working on taking Jordan to Houston to get her a new prosthetic.  It's a big deal and I'm exhausted just thinking of it.  So for the time being, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get my class covered, how I'm going to be able to get work done while I'm away...  How we're going to do this financially.  Say some prayers that insurance will pay for the percentage it's supposed to pay for.