Hair Ties and Hair Dryers

Anyone who knows me personally would be shocked to know how many hair dryers I have owned over the years. 

Your Heading Here

I may very well have purchased more hair dryers than my much more stylish friends.  And yet I rarely use one.

So what's the deal??

Well, I have lived in 7 different places over the last 13 years.  And with almost each move I have purchased a new dryer because with almost every move, upon packing and deciding what to bring with me and what to leave behind, my hair dryer was never a high priority.  So if space is tight, it was left behind.  And eventually, upon settling into my new location, it occurred to me that owning a hair dryer for the occasional use was a good idea.

In theory, using a hair dryer is a good idea.  After all, don't all women blow dry their least for special occasions? But for me, blow drying my hair is a painful, uncomfortable and frustration experience.I either hold the brush in my PS hand and the dryer in my "good hand", fumbling the brush and provided very ineffective strokes in the attempt to dry and style my locks.

OR, I hold the heavy dryer in my PS hand and the brush in my nimble and capable "good hand." This tactic results in focused effort on not dropping the dryer on the floor or banging it against my head.  It wearies my right arm quickly and greatly.  And generally takes 5x longer than it should.

And so, it is far easier to towel dry and go.

I have even given up on attempting any blow drying, even for special occasions.  I moved a year and a half ago, did not take my blow dryer with me and have not purchased a new one.  There are no plans in the near future to change that.