Happy 8th Birthday Jordan!

Eight years.  How is that possible? Eight years ago today, Miss Jordan arrived in this world after days of labor. 

We knew we wanted a second child in our world but we had no idea how she would bring so much into our lives.  In these eight years, Jordan has grown into a very confident and able kid.  From the very start, we focused on making sure Jordan is strong, healthy and confident.  There is a fine line between confident and self-centered.  But we'll keep working on that.

The one thing I'm really proud of Jordan over this past year is her discovery of how she can be a mentor to other kids with a limb difference.  She's also very proud of her ability to raise money for Camp No Limits.  Today, she donated $50 to her camp fundraiser from saving three months of allowance and a couple of times when kind people gave her a few extra dollars toward her fundraising.  Jordan also decided she will ask her friends to bring donations for camp instead of gifts when she has a birthday party next month.

I'm incredibly proud of Jordan and honored to not only be her mom but to be a part of the growing limb difference community of parents, children and limb different adults.  In these eight years, I could have never imagined how the Internet and social media could bring us all together.  Thanks to everyone who has donated to camp and offers support to the limb difference community.