Home just in time

I got home this afternoon...  While I was on the phone with the family this morning, Jordan took six steps across the room without any encouragement.

When I got home this afternoon, she started walking non-stop...  Holding hands or not holding hands.  Then something amazing happened while Cam, Jordan and I were playing with chalk: Jordan started standing up and walking all by herself.  ALL by herself! The scooting world is days away from leaving us.  And my simple non-mobile baby world is going to change.

The picture? Well it was taken awhile ago, but I had forgotten my brother-in-law text messaged it to me.  It's fantastic and one of the best I have of both kids at the same time.  I makes me happy, so I thought I'd share.

I'm so excited to be home.  I'm extra excited that Jordan waited to really kick the walking into full gear until I got home.