Joining In On Dove's

During the Sundance Film Festival, Dove released a short film about selfies.  And just like its beauty campaign from last year, I feel the need to write about and partici pate in this new campaign. 

If you have eight minutes, watch how girls and their moms learned how to accept themselves for who they are with the help of selfies.  (You know, the pictures you take of yourself.  I do them a lot.)

I had a bit of an aha moment when a Mom said something pretty wonderful:
"Social media is widening the definition of what beauty is."

And it helped me realize that I created the Born Just Right community to do just that: redefine what is beautiful.  Let's encourage each other and celebrate our beauty...  Even if it isn't what society/media has decided is beautiful.  We are all beautiful.  And heck.  let's take some pictures to celebrate it!

I think that's why I adore the moments when other parents tag a photo on Instagram with the #bornjustright hashtag.  I love those moments when we let down our guard and take a photo of a wonderful moment.  My quest to show beauty that is beautiful no matter what is happening.  So once again, I'm writing about a soap company.  A company that keeps encouraging us to rethink beauty.  It's everywhere.  It's all of us.  And let's take the time to capture it, share it and celebrate it.

Count me in.  I'm not going to quit taking selfies.  And I will continue to encourage my kids to grow up proud of who they are and what they look like...  And yes, I will probably "like" their photos on social media.