Jumping into the New Year with a Challenge

I am never motivated to run in the winter...  Until now.  This week, I'm taking the family to Walt Disney World to experience our first Marathon Weekend

I'm running in the half marathon while Jordan and Cameron run in a one mile kids race (mainly because the 5K sold out before I thought about signing up for it)! We're going to spend three days in the park! To make the trip extra special, I thought it would be worth encouraging anyone who did not contribute to Jordan's Camp No Limits fundraiser to throw in $2 for every mile I run: That's $26 dollars to help send another kid to camp!

Why am I still pushing our fundraiser? Well, something remarkable happened on New Year's Eve.  We hit our goal of $3,000! When I told Jordan what had happened, she asked how many kids could go to camp.  I told her $3,000 means six kids can go to camp.  That's when she announced she hopes we can help eight or more! We can certainly try!

Before our big Disney trip, I had a chance to visit to Dallas to take part in the Cotton Bowl.  The University of Missouri played in the game and I got to help my old TV station with the coverage.  (And it was a chance to go on a quick adventure with Randy.) It was fun to work with some of my old coworkers and see bunch of old friends who also attended the Missouri School of Journalism back in the day.

Happy New Year! I hope the year is starting out with happiness and adventure.  Thank you everyone who contributed to our camp fundraiser and continue to give.  I'm so excited to see our fundraising continue to grow.  I need to start helping with planning for the Missouri camp in June!