Keeping active

I joined a multi-sport club that I hope will keep me running and hopefully introduce the fun of running, biking and swimming to the kids. 

So last night we went to an event where a bunch of kids and their parents enjoyed a local trail so they could ride their bikes.  I love excuses to get my kids out and this one was very sweet.

Jordan is getting very accepting of her bike arm — There are times when she doesn't want to wear it, but I'd noticed she is SO much more stable and can ride so much faster when she uses it.  To add to the fun, kids think it is a REALLY cool arm.  It is cool.  It looks like a Lego hand and it makes Jordan look like she can kick your butt.  I've been showing the bike arm off a lot lately because I'm proud Jordan is using it so well.  I'm proud we're finding ways to make her life as comfortable as possible.  And I'm proud she really can do anything she wants to do.

Oh - one new thing.  Jordan is jumping off things.  Not small things, she's getting dangerous.  She's learning the thrill of jumping and she's found her center and always lands solid on her feet.  Hopefully she'll be able to do the same thing when we take her to the rocks in Maine!