Learning about the new Derek arm

June 25 2014
As I've written many times before, the 3D printing movement is amazing.  The community of engineers, volunteers and visionaries are making really amazing things happen. 

original post June 25 2014

I've watched the evolution of the e-NABLE group as it has raised awareness for open source prosthetic hand designs that anyone can build with specs and a 3D printer.

So far, kids and adults across the country and beyond have benefited from the e-NABLE community.  The group is matching 3D printer owners with families in need of a printed hand.  They have taken that effort a step forward this week...  And have developed an inexpensive option for below elbow amputees.  A $50 arm.  For real! (And you know what's next? e-NABLE designs for kids with above elbow differences like Jordan.)

The new e-NABLE arm is called the "Derek Arm" in honor of a 6-year-0ld boy they've fitted.  You know you want to watch this video of him using his helper arm:


Woah.  Way cool, right? I showed Jordan this video and she actually started bouncing around the house telling me how excited she was to see this video.  Obviously, the e-NABLE crew have a next-level challenge on their hands to try and create an arm that includes an elbow function.  But until then, we're happy to cheer and encourage other kids and adults! We are certain that e-NABLE and the other 3D printing groups out there will continue to find awesome ways to make 3D printing more accessible to the general public.
It's also neat to read how long-time Born Just Right reader, Nathan, is taking part in e-NABLE's below elbow efforts.  You can read the full story about the group's new developments on their blog.

I plan to watch the e-NABLE group closely and I hope to share more details about the group here on Born Just Right soon.