Limb Difference Ryan Gosling - For the Smiles

I love laughter when it comes to any situation in life.  No matter how tough it is, if you can't stay positive, what is the use? I try to stay positive as often as I can...  and when I feel down, I seek out opportunities to smile. 

That's why Jordan has owned a "Dude, Where's my arm?" shirt since she was two years old.

I am naturally inclined to build online friendships with other special needs moms who clearly have a sense of humor.  One of those moms is Sunday Stilwell who writes at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood.  I met her through Instagram.  I know, that seems strange saying I met someone through a photo sharing app on my iPhone.  But it's true.  You can learn a lot about a person through the pictures they share.  Sunday is funny.  She tries to be positive when days are tough.  And they can be tough.  Both of her boys are on the severe side of the autism spectrum.  The efforts she takes to make sure they are safe and growing is exactly what a special needs mom would do.  Earlier this month, she was having a tough day and needed a smile.  So she took the Ryan Gosling meme (my current favorite is NPR Hey Girl) and made a Ryan Gosling Special Needs meme.  What's so great is I had been talking to friends about how I wanted to start a Hey Girl Limb Difference meme.  So in honor of Sunday, here are a few I created that make me smile.

Since we're having so much fun, have you watched my YouTube project? All you need to do is grab a camera and share your thoughts about technology and the special needs world.