Making the move

So I'm still angry at Jordan's school.  Very angy.  The director was at school on Friday and I gave her a chance to make excuses for the entry of a new baby in the toddler room BEFORE Jordan. 

I understand the child arrived earlier than expected, but I'm still confused why there was room for this child in the first place.  The school director's excuse: There was an ill child every day.  Sure there was.

Long story short, after I sat in her office unhappily, she told me Jordan would start either next week or the one after that.  I told her I expected Jordan to move on Monday...  She tells me that will be up to the teachers if they think she and the "other babies" are ready.  Who gives a darn if the other babies are ready.  Jordan has been ready for a month.  A month.

When I got to school last night, it was official.  One of Jordan's new teacher told me they expected Jordan to make the official move on Monday.  Nothing different for me, just a different room for Jordan.  That kind of makes me sad because I'll miss Jordan's old teachers.  I miss the cuddly feeling of the room.  I'll miss the love and devotion she was given there.  But Jordan needs more encouragement to move.  She needs to be around kids who can physically do things that she needs to learn.

Today she got new inserts for her shoes.  It forces her toes to stay on the ground when she stands.  She relies on her toes as sensory sources, so when she stands she tries to keep her toes up.  Not great on her ankles and not great for her balance.  She wasn't too happy about the insert addition.  But she stood a good amount today.  I still can't get her to pull up enough.  What will be really interesting is if the new room will really help encourage her to stand up and move.

I was pondering some heavy issues after I watched this movie: