My new personal obsession

After seeing Jordan's x-ray, I'm now obsessed with the possibility of constructing an elbow.  I found a picture online of just the humerus.  I'm not sure if she has a capitellum. 

That's something the doctors may be able to know by looking at her x-ray.  I know she has muscles under the humerus bone...  And I'm wondering if she has the tendons that would help actually move an implanted "elbow bone" There really isn't a such thing as an elbow bone...  it's just the upper and lower arm bones put together. 

I really want that tendon that can attach to a "lower bone" like in that picture.  Now I want an MRI to see the muscle tone and what is in there.  I realize I'm dreaming here...  But if she has the muscle structure, she could get a "fake elbow" and it would make it so damned easier to use a prosthetic.  Someday — I think she'd be a perfect candidate for an arm transplant.  But once again...  I'm obsessing about technologies that don't exist.  Arm or no arm, this kid is going to be fine.  I just want the world for her and I'm hoping to learn as much as I can to know every option she can have.