New question

The girl, her brother, her uncle and I were walking to the car from the pool when she asked:

"Mommy...  When are you going to have an arm like me?"

I looked at her matter of fact and said: "Sweetie, I'm never going to have a cool arm like you.  You're special that way."

I don't think she really liked that answer...  But I think we've had so many opportunities for her to meet other kids with limb difference that it has her thinking hard about her arm and the special world she lives in.  It's another moment where it is kind of hard for me.  I've said it before — she has to deal with her differences for her entire life.  I'm just a bystander.  I think we're moving into a crucial time of development.  If Jordan can remain proud, confident and able to identify her difference and how that doesn't change her abilities in any way...  We're going to be okay for a while.  I pray I can help lead her the right way.