One-handed finger weaving

Jordan came home from school last week with a long knitted clump.  It didn't have much of a purpose but it was pretty. 

I asked her where it came from and she told me she did it herself.  A friend had shown her how to finger weave.  I've mentioned in the past how I'm not very crafty so I was completely floored by this development.  I can't knit.  I didn't even know finger weaving was a thing.

It's basically a process of weaving the yarn in and out of her fingers.  Then she flips the lower loops around her fingers and starts the weaving process again and again.  It's tedious but it was really cool to see her do it.  If you even want to call Jordan one-armed, she proves how that little arm is just as important as her hand.  She is most definitely two-armed.