Quick update 2

I took Jordan to have her blood drawn to get us closer to finding out if she has a food allergy (or some kind of allergy).  No fun.  We had to have three people to make it happen.  I held her body.  Another woman held her arm while another woman too Jordan's blood.  Miss Jordan was pretty darn upset.  Amazingly, she wasn't bruised...  There's just a little mark.

It was a little strange though.  I opened Jordan's arm and the lab technician started poking at her arm looking for a vein...  And I said: "You only have one arm to work with.  Good luck!" I don't know why, but I thought that was kind of funny.

Then it made me think...  How does the blood flow through Jordan's arm.  How does it work? I'm dying to know what's inside her little arm.  Does she have a malformed elbow? What kind of muscle structure is at the base of her arm? I would LOVE to know more.