Riding, Soccer and the Web

Once again, I allowed life to keep us busy and I haven't updated enough here.  I have noticed that when I'm busy, I tend to share tiny moments online on Facebook and that gets republished onto Twitter.

While I wasn't posting enough here, Jordan continues to wear her helper arm at school every day.  This past week, she also wore her different arms to her extra activities.  At dance, I put her in her shortest straight arm with her bouncy hand so she could come closer to putting her "hands" together during pirouettes.  She had actually talked about wanting to wear her helper arm at dance but she put up a heck of a fight leading up to class.  I worked out a deal with her: she needed to wear her arm just for ballet and she could take it off during tap.  A funny thing happened.  She wore it the whole time and told me she told me she was glad she wore it after class.  That was cool.

Equestrian therapy was another awesome helper arm moment.  Jordan was using the reigns with her elbow arm (which has a hook that opens and closes).  She was switching between her hand and her helper hand.  It was so great.  After class, the therapist got Jordan to announce she's going to try riding with BOTH hands this week.

Soccer was a little tricky.  She used her activity arm - it's longer and doesn't have princess fabric on it - it has pink and purple hearts and for some reason it isn't pretty enough.  A friend gave me the idea to let Jordan pick out some princess stickers to add on the arm.  That might inspire her to wear it more.  At soccer, she was trying to bounce the ball with her knee and bounce with her head.  I'm not sure if her arm was helpful or not.  But I know the extra arm is great for balancing while she runs.

I'm proud of Jordan for expanding her uses of her arms and hands.  Now if I could turn off her automated desire to protest her helper arms and then we'd have a great thing.

One other great thing - I upgraded this site.  You can't really tell.  But it should be available on any type of phone when you to go to bornjustright.com on your web browser.  I hope you