Rolling around

You know, I was talking to my friend Heather about rolling and I realize I never updated anyone on Jordan's rolling skills.  She gets it now. 

She is so good at it, the first thing she does when I put her down for a nap is roll onto her belly.

I think she's kind of using the rolling thing as a means of transportation.  Anytime she wants to go a short distance, she rolls.  Anytime she wants to go any further...  You know, I'm not sure if she's really ever felt the need to go any further.  Nomatter how I try to encourage her, she just doesn't have the need to go, go, go like her brother had.  She's a bit more laid back.

I'm not complaining.  But it is harder to try and figure out a crawling system (or scooting) if she doesn't really feel the desire to move.  It will happen.  Just not yet.