Running for Camp is Hard Work!

She did it! Jordan ran in her first 5K race and we came pretty darn close to raising enough money to send another child to Camp No Limits! Jordan, Cameron and I geared up with lots and lots of glowing gear to run in a glow run in our town. 

This was the first time Jordan has ever run in a race longer than a mile and I'm really proud of how well she worked to finish the race.

Why all the fuss? Well, our family is always looking for ways to encourage you to help pitch in to help kids attend camp.  I've said many times before, a county program helps pay for Jordan and I to attend camp each year.  So our fundraising is a way to give back and make sure other kids can attend as well.  Some day we want to attend additional camps.  But until then, we want all of our fundraising to go to other kids.

So the three of us pushed through.  Both kids were not quite as ready to run as I am.  Cameron and I train from time to time.  Jordan runs in a running club at her school twice a week.  But neither kid runs 3 or more miles as often as I do in our family.  So I am super proud of how motivated and focused they were.  Both kids ended up sprinting to the finish line.  I tried to get video...  but they actually sprinted away before I was prepared!

But they did it! And we almost met our goal.  I had raised $500 when I ran a half marathon earlier this year.  We had hoped to raise another $500.  For now, we are $195 away from that goal.  If you have the ability to donate anything, it would be greatly appreciated.  All you have to do is visit our fundraising page.  Thanks so much to the very many families who pitch in each year.  This is our third year helping kids get to camp.  And each year, we're honored by the support!