Session completion!

Jordan wrapped up another awesome Spring equestrian therapy session.  She scored and AWESOME huge ribbon to celebrate her great work.  She was so super proud and extra excited to get a ribbon that was blue.  She missed her class last week when she fell into a five-day stretch of a strange high fever that would come and go with no other symptoms.  I'm so glad she got out of that strange virus in time to enjoy her final equestrian class this season.  We're hoping to jump into the class again in the Fall.

After class we ran to pick up Cameron from school.  Jordan and I enjoyed the day by walking to school to snag her brother.  On our way back, a little boy walked up to Jordan and said she looked weird.  I didn't let that hang in the air.  I stepped in and immediately said how Jordan was born with one hand - that's not weird.  It is different, but we're all different.  I totally stepped on Jordan's opportunity to say something herself...  But I just couldn't allow a five or six year old calling my daughter weird.  After I talked to the little boy he turned from shocked to super interested and not scared anymore.  But this does bring up the challenge of when should I stop stepping in and just let Jordan take over.  The mommy bear in me is going to have a hard time holding back.