Sharing the love to you

It's Valentine's Day! And that gives me an excuse to feed the kids all kinds of sugar and get a little extra cheesy as a parent.

But why not get a little cheesy as the founder of Born Just Right?

I love this community.  And even though I haven't shared many stories this month since bringing our puppy, Bailey, into our household...  SO many families have reached out to me recently with stories of strength, positive experiences and ideas on how to help our kids grow up strong and confident.  It's pretty awesome.  Extra thank you's to the families who shared photos with me privately and felt comfortable offering those photos to share with the Born Just Right Facebook community.  Our kids are so stinking adorable.

Thank you for the non-stop love within the Born Just Right community and the entire limb difference world.  We're all in this together.  It's a special community and I'm honored to be a part of it...  Especially when this didn't exist when Jordan was little.  I'm constantly amazed and in awe of how we've grown.

Happy Valentine's Day!