Shooting Hoops with One Hand

This weekend is Jordan's first ever official basketball game.  Snow and illness has prevented her from playing on previous weekends. 

She's playing with all kinds of girls around her age.  None of them have a ton of experience playing basketball so it's super awesome to watch them play.

Basketball is probably the most challenging sport Jordan has taken on since swim team.  When the ball bounces away from her left side, she still tries to grab it with her little arm - but it's too short to really help out.  So Jordan ends up needing to use her whole body to pick it up.  It's tricky and has led to a few bruised knees.  But she's also working amazingly hard on her defense.  She has speed.  And Jordan get the ball into the hoop! It's so cool.

As she continues to play, I'm sure she's going to work on finding solutions to her challenges.  I also think this is a perfect reason why we're planning to attend Camp Nubability in July.  I'm still unsure how I'm going to fit all of my travel for work and the kids into the same month.  But knowing the family behind the camp and missing its first two years, it just seems right for us to attend.

Any and all one-handed basketball tips are welcome!