Special Mother's Day

So today I was a Mommy to two on a Mother's Day.  I'm so lucky.  Jordan was full of smiles today. 

We finally found a baptism dress! It is sweet and simple and sleeveless — which I felt was very, very important.  My Mom came into town yesterday.  She arrived late in St.  Louis, so I stayed in town after taking Cam to a Cardinal's game.  That's why we got a chance to shop at real stores for a day and find a great outfit for Jordan.  Heck, Cam and Jordan got to go to the Disney Store too.  Lucky kids.

Anyway...  I just want to say how lucky I feel to be a Mom.  I think the challenges I'm dealing with are just so small compared to other Moms...  But this year's Mother's Day is a little bittersweet.  Why you ask? It's because I'm a member of a special Mom's club.  It's a club none of us asked to join.  But I'm proud to be a member of Moms with kids who are different.  We are the encouragers, the supporters and I hope God gives me the ability to help Jordan and Cameron grow to be loving, caring and understanding people who aren't afraid to be who they are.

When I went to buy Jordan's baptism dress today, I told the woman working at the store that I was looking for a sleeveless dress...  And I didn't hesitate to say it's because Jordan was born missing her arm from the elbow down and how I don't want her arm to disappear in her dress.  No flinching, no hemming and hawing.  And I'm proud of that.  It took me a while to not flinch in preparation for the other person's reaction.  So on this Mother's Day, I'm proud of how I'm a new Mom...  A more caring Mom.  And I really do feel blessed to be the Mom to my two kids.