Speed Lightning on the Field

Jordan is fast.  She has a sprint like no other little kid I know.  While I like to run at a slow and steady pace, Jordan has power.  She shows it off during each of her softball games.  Somehow, I caught her flying during her game over the weekend.

Softball is a challenging sport for Jordan when it comes to hitting the ball.  She's worked really hard to start hitting backhanded.  When she makes the connection, it's a solid hit.  I'm really impressed that even after some challenges, she keeps trying.

What is another great thing about this year of softball? Her team.  She has a wonderful collection of young girls on her team.  They are all awesome and I'm so glad she gets to spend so much time with them on the field and in the dugout.  They have adorable chants and cheers and all around awesome spirit.

So as Jordan continues to hone her skill as a catcher, thrower and batter, she's also learning to be an even better friend.  There are some really strong personalities on the team and they seem to all be learning and communicating.  That can be tricky when you're in elementary school! I'm excited for Jordan to continue to play and I'm really happy she's feeling fast and strong on the field.