Starting to get a little nervous

I'm two weeks and a day away from signing Jordan up for Kindergarten.  She has attended the same school for almost two and a half years.  She hasn't even changed classrooms in that time.  She's an incredibly flexible kid but I'm nervous about making sure she is prepared and ready to be in a new environment.

Sure, she is in new environments all the time.  We travel.  She attends a large soccer program.  We go to the gym (different ones with different play rooms).  We go out shopping and playing and meet new kids all the time.  Plus, she goes to her new school all the time since her brother is currently a third grader.  But that doesn't mean I don't want to be sure she's supported.  That doesn't mean I am 100% sure she won't get taunted or laughed at or who knows what.

I have prepared Jordan to be strong.  She's an incredible kid who can hold her own.  But who knows how she's react in Kindergarten?

So before the school year ends this year, I plan to work with our county resource program's case manager and the school principal to set up a 504 plan.  These are a little different from IEP's.  An Individualized Education Plan is set up for kids who have trouble with learning.  Jordan's been tested and analyzed and declared "not disabled" in the school system.  But that doesn't mean she doesn't need some portions of the education program altered a bit.  I plan to come to the class and share her helper arms and hands with her class, read a book and answer questions.  I'd like to ask the school to look at lessons plans 24 hours in advance to see if there are two handed activities and if the teacher can't find a solution, have them check in with me just in case I can offer other ideas.  I just don't want Jordan to feel left out if there's an activity that she can't do.  I'd like to have an alternate already planned.  I've talked to older kids who have been ignored and left out during PE and other activities.  I want to avoid those experiences if I can in any way.

So, I asked my fans on Facebook if they have additional 504 ideas.  I'd love to hear from you here as well if you can!