Sue Kents personal story

When I was born with limb difference due to thalidomide, together with around 500 children in the UK and many thousands more around the world, there was no one to turn to for help and advice and our parents had a steep learning curve to cope with the practicalities of life as well as the emotional trauma such disabilities can cause.
There are many genetic disorders that can produce limb difference as well as drug enduced deformities, so the problems of our childhood are still relevant today around the world.
My old friend Geoff Adams-Spink runs an organisation called Edric which, among other things, acts as a worldwide information and support portal for persons with limb difference.
To run such a website cost money and he is looking to raise money to have a multi lingual support centre for parents who find themselves during pregnancy, or after delivery of their new born child, faced with having a child with a limb difference.  This often comes as a shock to parents, many of whom don't know who to turn to for help.
Please help him to help them and make a donation to his campaign.
Children can live a happy life with limb difference, if give the chance.