Supporting a Friend Because Different is Awesome!

I spend time each year encouraging you and pretty much any person I know to donate money to Camp No Limits because the organization is incredibly important to us.  The entire special needs community is important to us. 

And when I know there's an opportunity to help tell the story of how we can celebrate being different, I certainly want to show my support.  That's why today, Born Just Right jumped into backing the Kickstarter for Ryan Haack of Living One-Handed's book, Different Is Awesome.  I've mentioned Ryan on an occasion here and there.  But I'd love for you to learn more about why he's trying to publish his own book.

I'm so excited for Ryan! And to be honest, I am really looking forward to being able to read another sweet children's book that talks about limb differences to kids.  Some of the books we already use in presentations are Harry, Willy and Carrothead, The Making of My Special Hand and Oliver's High Five.  Ryan is not only creating another sweet book to share with kids, he's continuing to find new ways to help advocate for limb different kids and adults.  I appreciate all of his hard work.  I also am lucky to call him a friend.  If you're interested, consider being a part of Ryan's Kickstarter for Different Is Awesome!