Taking Risks All the Time - Top Five Favorites

Over the past week, Jordan returned to softball practice and it made me think back to a bunch of different times when Jordan has surprised me by taking risks with her activities.  Why not share my top five favorite risk taking moments so far in Jordan's life? Here you go.

Number 1: Rock climbing
Jordan has never been afraid of climbing rocks.  For years, we worried about Jordan climbing the rocks of Maine during our yearly visits.  It's never phased her nor been a problem.  I think all that core strength work is why climbing is so easy for her.

Jordan isn't afraid to risk climbing rocks.
Number 2: Softball
I know this post was inspired by the new softball season.  I constantly admire Jordan's love of sports that typically require two hands.  Jordan is working on mastering her catch and release technique when catching and throwing the ball and her backhanded swing is pretty darn strong.
I'm so impressed with Jordan's risks on the softball field.

Number 3: Kayaking
Last summer, we bought our family a kayak for the first time.  It's big and fits three people.  Well...  Two adults and a kid or one adult and two kids.  Jordan surprised us by finding a way to paddle with her hand and her little arm.  We can't wait for this summer when she can try out her first kayak hand and see if she can paddle even harder.

Kayaking like a pro and one hand.

Number 4: Roller skating
Balance isn't always Jordan's best friend.  It was really cool to see Jordan take a risk and try out roller skating.  Since her first time, she's gone back a few more times.  She hasn't mastered skating without this handy-helper system, but I think she's getting close.

I love how Jordan risked roller skating.
Number Five: Basketball
I'm so super proud of how hard Jordan worked to play basketball this past season.  She has incredible defense skills and she scored a few times throughout her season.  Jordan loved basketball so much this year, she's planning on making it her focused sport during Nubability Camp this summer.
Jordan risked trying basketball and loved it.

I didn't get a digital version of Jordan's official basketball picture.
Anything is possible.  Jordan proves that to me time and time again.