Talking About Little Arm

Jordan and I were talking about having a little arm this week.  It's rare when we just talk about her limb difference... 

because there's so much to talk about.  And people, Miss Jordan is a talker.  It's the only thing she gets a check-minus on almost every week in her weekly folder from school.  The girl can talk.

But when it comes to her little arm, we don't talk all the time about it.  Lately she's had a couple of questions.  She was trying to find reasons why.  I guided her through the concept doctors have given us: A blog clot or a heart blip stopped your arm from growing any longer.  There's no way to grow it longer.  And yes, we probably need to start therapy again to prevent some repetitive strain.  And yes...  it's okay to use your shoulder, we just need to get parts of your body stronger to make sure you can keep using your shoulder without pain.

It really gets her thinking when her shoulder hurts a bit.

But the conversation that really interested me this week was when she mentioned a kid asked her what happened to her arm.  And she lamented how she AGAIN said, "I was born this way." And they all moved on.  But this time I asked her: "Would you rather someone asked or if they didn't ask."

Her answer was, "I am okay if they ask, it's when another person asks and then another person and another person."

Questions are SO much better than staring.  (Note to parents: Please let you kids ask questions.  Also, you're allowed to ask too.) I told Jordan that we should make a t-shirt up that she can wear when she's in a crowd of new people that says: "Born Like This...  I'm Good.  Let's Move On."

She thought that was pretty funny.