The One-Hand Dance Challenge

Jordan is gearing up for another dance recital.  This year, she's performing in TWO different dances: jazz and tap. 

The chance to dance in more than one class is something she's looked forward to for a couple of years.  Jordan loves performing and dressing up for the big show.

This year's recitals include two VERY sparkly dresses.  Our studio introduces the dresses by putting out all of the outfits from the catalogue on a poster board so each girl can see what dresses they have assigned to the song they are dancing.

Her jazz dance has the red sparkle overload and her tap dance includes that blue sparkle number.  But you may notice one other thing with that blue dress: Gloves.

Gloves.  Seriously.  They drive me a little batty when it comes to the dance recitals.  This year's tap dance performance also includes pointing on her little arm side (which doesn't bother Jordan at all).  Jordan has no interest in performing with her helper arm because it really is more of a hinderance than a help when it comes to doing specific moves.  But because there is pointing involved, Jordan tells me she'd like to try and figure out how to alter the glove so she can wear it with her little arm during the dance.  She's never asked for alterations before and I figure it's worth a try.  I wonder if there's a glove alteration store in my town! (I know, I know, those don't exist.  But I'm going to have to find a crafty friend to help me with this challenge.)