The Perks of Having a Baby With One Hand

My dearest angel of a daughter was born "just right" with her left arm ending just after the elbow.  We knew about the limb difference long before she was born and couldn't have been more excited to meet her.  Since her birth, I've discovered there are many perks to having a baby with one hand.  Here's my list so far:

1.  It's easier to get her dressed.  That little arm slides through onesies.

2.  I only have 5 finger nails to trim.

3.  When she's breastfeeding she can only pinch while on one side.

4.  She can't suck her thumb all day.  When she started thumb sucking we discussed if we should discourage it.  My husband pointed out that if she's sucking her thumb and wants to do something she either has to stop sucking (not a bad thing) or use her little arm.  It's a win-win situation.

5.  I only have 5 finger nails to trim.  Seriously.  This is awesome.

6.  There's only one hand to grab and pull hair with.

7.  Little arms make great holders for circular rattles and toys.  I keep thinking I need to make some kind of sleeve with a pacifier on the end.

8.  Rolling over is very easy in one direction.

9.  Only one hand can scratch me/her/the cat.

10.  When she's older she can tell people her parents have an alligator farm/are shark divers/are pirates if they ask what happened to her arm.

I know there will be many more cool things about parenting a kiddo that is Born Just Right, but I'd say this is a pretty good start!