There are always stares

Jordan jumped into a new sport last night.  She's giving basketball a try for the first time. 

She's very excited about this new sport and I didn't really think about how another new environment means new kids, new stares and a whole new group of people to teach how limb differences aren't a big deal.  I think I kind of forgot because one of Jordan's closest friends from school is on her team.

Jordan jumped into practice without a blink.  And when I say jump, I mean when she jumps, it's like she's in dance class.  Her jump pivot looks like a dance move.  We'll see how it goes when she's actually playing a game.  So far, her basketball moves are quite dramatic.  She giggled with her friends and made a new friend.

After practice, she told me a couple of things that brought me back into the reality of her world of stares.  First, she decided one girl must know someone else with a limb difference because she never stared or even acted differently.  Second, some other kids stared and asked if she was really on the team.  (We were out of town for the first practice.) But Jordan told me she's sure they'll get past it soon.

I'm glad we talk about stares openly and we aren't embarrassed by them.  It's a way of life.  Yes, Jordan is different.  Yes, some kids stare.  Yes, most kids move past it.  Yes, it is annoying.  And sometimes, I have to remember that they will happen in a new situation and be ready to cheer Jordan on as she faces new environments with all the positive energy she needs.

So far so good.