Trying something new

Jordan's brother, Cameron, tried a new sport this spring: Track.  He's a distance runner who is learning about sprinting.  It's an interesting new experience and he part likes it and part feels exhausted by it.  But because it's new, it had Jordan interested in the experience even though she's on a softball team.

Since we're about to launch a huge vacation adventure, Jordan's last softball game was this Monday.  She hit all three at-bats and sprinted to first base.  It was awesome to watch her grow as a backhanded hitter.  With games over, she had a chance to join a local track meet along with Cameron.

This was all new to her.  But after running the 400 in her age group and finishing last, she wasn't upset.  I'm so proud of her for finishing.  She also tried the long jump! She even told me she wants to compete again when we're back in town.

As for Cam, he's grown a lot as a runner since his first track meet.  He came in second place for the 800 in his age group and sixth in his very first shot put competition.  Go kids!

I realize by putting the kids into so many activities, we are crazy busy.  But I have this deep desire to help the kids discover activities they like.  I am trying as hard as possible to grow kids who want to do more than just sit in front of computers and mobile devices.  I do a lot of that for work, but I still look for ways to get outside and stay active.  I hope I'm helping them discover and enjoy the outside life as well.

How do you keep your kids active? Do you find fun ways to keep them motivated? I have been known to place a visit to ice cream as a light at the end of the tunnel.