Trying Under Armour's MagZip for the first time

It finally arrived, an Under Armour MagZip jacket that I wrote about last fall.  Almost the moment Jordan got out of bed this morning, I had her try it for the first time.  I didn't explain how it worked, I just challenged her to give it a try.

Original post from August 12 2014

I think she likes it.  The base of the zipper uses a magnet to connect and it's pretty easy to get the zipper up.  So far, I can only find two youth boys jackets for sale on the Under Armour website.  Hopefully they'll expand the line soon! (UPDATE: That link has more jackets! There are girls jackets and at least one women's jacket.)

This is what the MagZip looks like.

By the way, Under Armour didn't pay me to write this post.  I paid full price.  I have been hungry to try this jacket as soon as I could.  I can't wait for more people to have the chance to use these zippers.