Tying shoes a little differently

Over the summer Jordan had figured out how to tie her shoes under the guidance of some really wonderful friends at Camp No Limits.  The challenge for me was taking those skills and extending it into the real world.  Jordan didn't really own shoes with laces when we got home from camp and I didn't really focus on it too much since I was really just thinking about surviving the summer and getting her into Kindergarten without drama.

Now that things are going pretty well at school, Jordan's occupational therapist has been looking for ways to help Jordan learn how to really figure out the shoe tying skill.  I tried to work on the standard one-handed shoe tying process with Jordan but she wouldn't work on it with me.  She worked on it a little bit with her occupational therapist but Jordan would get aggravated.  So our OT came up with a new idea.  She modified how you use shoe laces...  and she had a chance to show me how this past Friday.  Once I learned the basics, I thought I'd replicate it with a pair of shoes that Jordan would beg to tie: Twinkle Toes.

I bought her a pair on Sunday and set up the shoes in a way for her to tie on her own.  Here's how it's set up:

[Update: My friend Di reminded me the trick to keeping the shoe laces tight are by tying the lace around one more time before you double tie the loops.  When Jordan gets better at shoe lace tying, I'll try to get video of her accomplishing this!]

Jordan proudly wore her shoes to school...  But I learned that one day of new shoe laced shoes is probably not enough practice to bring those shoes to school.  Jordan didn't tie them tight enough and the shoes are probably a little too big.  She had some trouble wearing the shoes at school.  I think we'll work a little more at the tying before she brings them back...  If I can convince her to wait.  She's pretty proud of these sparkly shoes.

I'm sure Jordan will figure out the regular form of shoe tying eventually...  but we're going to give this version a try for now!

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