VIDEO: Sharing support for a new school year

Tomorrow is a big day for Jordan: Second grade! She arrives to the school she knows but with a little different experience. 

Her brother moves on into Middle School and that means she doesn't have him looking after or either of them having a chance to torment each other during the after-school program.

School has always been an experience I love and loathe.  Summer always gives us time to just have fun and hang with friends.  There aren't as many "teachable moments" about limb differences or any type of differences that can come up at school.  So I've gotten pretty good at preparing so Jordan and her school is ready.

First, I'm lucky knowing the discussion about school is a part of the Camp No Limits experience.  The kids with limb differences talk about how they deal with stares and questions and all the other challenging stuff that can come with an obvious physical difference.

This year, Jordan told me she wanted to shoot a video offering advice about going to school so other kids can feel less nervous.  I bet she has additional advice, but I love what she has to say:

I've written a few posts in the past on how we set up for Kindergarten and communicated with parents.  I welcome any and all questions as we all embark on another school year.  Each year, from pre-school to college, can come with challenges.  I'd love to hear great solutions that we can all use.  We may not all live in the same location, but I really feel the Born Just Right community can work together.  The more we brainstorm and share, the stronger we (and our kids) will be!