Wearable Born Just Right

Finally, after a very long wait...  I'm happy to announce you can snag your very own Born Just Right gear.  So many readers have reached out and asked for shirts! It had to happen. 

So with the help of a national website, I finally built it.

For the first time, I had 14 shirts made over the weekend to take to Camp No Limits Missouri this week and I'll make sure I have shirts available during our meetup in July.  But the rest of the time, we have Born Just Right's new CafePress store.  I'm excited to offer two different shirt logos thanks to my friend, Sarah Clark.  She was the creator of the very first Born Just Right shirt (you can see the picture of Jordan proudly posing with it when she opened it as a gift) and she designed all of the logos I asked readers to pick from last Fall.

Let me know what you think.  As the kids get older and I have a little more time on my hands, I'll probably move away from CafePress and into bulk production where I can send items off on my own.  In the meantime, the sale of the shirts will help pay for the upkeep of Born Just Right along with my long-term goal of being able to really turn this site into a non-profit.

I'm excited to start sharing Born Just Right this way...  And let's see how this goes.  Let me know what you think.  This is only the beginning for helping spread our positive message a little wider! You can visit the site by going to or you'll see a link to the store on the right side of the website.

If you purchase a t-shirt, I'd love to see pictures of you or your kids wearing it!